Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok so this time I am really going to take my blogging seriously. Im on the computer so much I mine as well. Theres always somthing I want to share with somebody so I mine as well share it with you all. Since I've been gone last, my daughter has turned 18 months yayyy *straight face*... umm I've gained 10lbs *straight face* Ive lost a boyfriend *straight face* and im still working at Torrid *straight face*. But other than that life is great :) Oh I also shaved the sides and back of my head, and it looks damn good! LOL I will post pics.

Friday, August 21, 2009

U.O has my heart..look at these shoes! Owwww

Deena & Ozzy Studded Cutout Heel 58.00

Deena & Ozzy Triple Buckle 68.00
Jeffrey Campbell Suede Cutout Heel 148.00

We Who See Nash Wedge Bootie 88.00

Ecote Canvas Lace-Up Bootie 28.00!!

Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Oxford 128.00

Candela NYC Spectator Oxford 198.00

80%20 Scarlett Wedge 158.00

Deena & Ozzy Patent Oxford Wedge 58.00
There's so much more to choose from to check out there whole selection click here.

Im Alive!!

Ok so I've been gone for wayyyy to long, the summer has been crazy and fun I missed my blog though had so many things I wanted to post but im not gonna go back to all the old "hot topics". Im just now seing some of you guys comments.....smh sad right :( I didn't even feel the need to comment since there so old lol im not being rude though. Comments make me smile since im so new with this...keep em comming!!! xoxo Candice

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drake & ____________?

Uh I guess???
I don't know what to believe anymore..
first Rihanna now Teyona is any of this even true?
And now theres rumors of Rihanna with Kanye??
Ummm yeah ok


Kelis looks great belly and all im happy for her..
I hope her and Nas make it work.

Electrik Red??

Ok so im so tired of seeing ads for this cd, I really don't
think these girls are heading anywhere I don't know about
you but im over groups period. Not to mention their album
is titled "How to be a Lady" but um......

...this doesn't look very lady like to me smh.

Now I love me some Lady Gaga but this is just a mess.